Improve Speed and Strength with the PowerSkater

power_skater_postSkating is the foundation to hockey and quite often overlooked by many parents and coaches. The expense related to renting ice time to practice forces many coaches to spend the majority of their ice time on team plays and not on the #1 fundamental of the game - skating. For parents looking to to improve their child’s skating, you may want to look at a training device that is used in the comfort of your own home, called the PowerSkater.

Overview: This product has been around for almost 9 years now but is still unknown in many hockey circles. The PowerSkater has been adopted by many NHL teams, the Russian Hockey Federation, the AHL, professional players, colleges, junior teams, training centers, and many parents for their kids. According to the manufacturer, there are almost 4,000 units around the world. The PowerSkater has also been adopted in many other sports for lower body development, balance, stability, explosive power, and training “first step” which is required by all athletes in most sports.

How it works: The PowerSkater mimics the bio-mechanical movement in skating. This training tool will help teach proper skating technique as well as strengthen and condition the muscles used in skating. The PowerSkater will help improve the following:

  1. Skating posture

  2. Stride power and length

  3. Forty-five degree pushes

  4. Weight transfer, balance, and stability

  5. Full leg returns

  6. Strength and endurance

  7. Knee Bends

  8. Quickness and speed

There are many attributes to proper skating. Proper knee bends in the skating stride is probably the most important. Using the correct posture in skating is next most important. This is done by staying in an athletic stance, keeping your back straight, leaning the body forward, keeping the head and chest up, and bending your knees 2″ to 3″ in front of your toes. All of these points are taught in every power-skating clinic throughout North America.

Video: Below is a video that shows the PowerSkater in action.

Top Features: The PowerSkater simulates weight push using specially designed resistance bands. The user stands on gliding platforms called trucks, with 8 wheels on each truck. Each truck travels down a rail or track that is 6′ long. A mounting plate at the front of the 90 degree configuration holds the tracks in place and allows each truck to lock and unlock with each stride. As the user pushes a truck back, he or she experiences resistance with the push off and, more importantly, the return. It is this concentric and eccentric muscle movement that develops strength, endurance, explosiveness, flexibility, and elasticity in the muscles. Keeping the foot on the truck throughout the concentric and eccentric phase is a big benefit the machine provides and helps train the player to keep his or her feet low to the ice during their returns.

Controlling each push off and return not only develops muscle strength and speed but it also forces the player to transfer his or her weight correctly with each return, which improves center of gravity. It has been stated that during a 60-minute hockey game, a player changes his or her center of gravity 5,000 times. Skating is a one-legged movement - hockey is a one-legged game played in a very unstable environment challenging the player to transfer weight; either their weight or the opposing player’s weight. Learning balance and stability during all facets of the game is critical. Core strength is vital and players with poor core strength are immediately challenged by the PowerSkater.


Using the PowerSkater will help you develop a low center of gravity, deep knee bends, and sufficient hip openings (30 to 45°), which are primary elements in skating. In reviewing the device, it is clear that the PowerSkater gives the player mind memory and also muscle memory which are key attributes of skating. After using the PowerSkater the player quickly transfers the key elements of skating to the ice.

Price: The unit starts at $850.00, which at first glance may seem pricey; however, when you spread this cost over a couple of hockey clinics or private lessons, it quickly pays for itself. Also, with the exception of the resistance bands, the unit used by an 8-year-old is the same unit that is by the NHL.

Other Details: The basic unit comes with standard cords, and there is a progression of resistance bands offered for all ages or skills. The unit is well made and lasts the entire youth hockey career and beyond, making the payback a small price per year.

The optional Crossunder attachment allows users to learn the push-pull movement used in cross-under movement for forward and backward skating. There are many other strength and conditioning exercises to supplement the athlete’s off-ice conditioning program.

Final Period: Powering Athletics manufactures the PowerSkater as well as another hockey training devices. If you want to invest in a product that your player can use at any age and one that will definitely help them improve their skating, the PowerSkater is worth the investment. The PowerSkater website also provides a wealth of additional information on skating. We highly recommend you checkout this product at
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